Sustainability governance

Responsibility for Vicinity’s sustainability agenda is allocated to the highest levels of our organisation

The Vicinity Board maintains ultimate responsibility for delivering Vicinity’s Sustainability strategy.

The Sustainability Committee, which forms part of Vicinity’s management committee structure, is chaired by our CEO and Managing Director, and drives our Sustainability agenda. 

Ethics and risk management

We maintain robust governance and risk management systems and educate our people on how to maintain the highest ethical standards. 


Engaging with our stakeholders

Our business success relies on effective engagement with a broad range of stakeholders.

Proactive and ongoing engagement enables us to understand our stakeholders’ wants and needs, gain better insights into material business risks and identify opportunities to create shared value.

We engage with our stakeholders at all levels, with the aim of building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Sustainable Finance Framework

Sustainability is fundamental to the long-term performance of our business and creates shared value for Vicinity and our stakeholders. To recognise Vicinity’s focus on sustainability and to support Vicinity’s commitment to invest in sustainable assets and outcomes in the future, Vicinity has developed a Sustainable Finance Framework which outlines how Vicinity intends to finance sustainable assets and outcomes to which Vicinity is committed.

Vicinity Centres Sustainable Finance Framework May 2022


The Sustainable Finance Framework has been reviewed by KPMG, who have provided a limited assurance opinion.

Independent Limited Assurance Statement for Framework