Low carbon smart assets

Our objective is to significantly reduce the long term carbon footprint of our asset portfolio by implementing innovative technologies that improve energy efficiency, increase our uptake of rooftop solar, and automate superior asset performance.

Our practices across centre management, new developments, capital upgrades and investments are aligned to achieving this objective.

Long term energy strategy

We have developed an integrated energy strategy that provides a long term approach to energy management for Vicinity.

It includes a scaled up energy efficiency program and an onsite solar roll out to drive significant reductions in our carbon emissions.

This long term approach will also generate substantial cost savings, and build our resilience to future price fluctuations in the electricity market.

During FY17, we also undertook a solar pilot at Ellenbrook Central in WA, installing a 100 kW photovoltaic system which provided a strong business case for a larger-scale solar roll out to other centres via the integrated energy strategy. Find out about our recent solar announcements

We also focus on driving continuous improvement in energy efficiency across our asset portfolio through our Environment Improvement Program. Find out about our energy and carbon performance.

Ellenbrook Central, WA


Sustainable design brief

In FY18 we will develop a sustainable design brief for our major construction, asset refurbishments and capital upgrade projects, which will set out a consistent set of guidelines for integrating the long term objectives of our Sustainability strategy into the development and upgrade process. 

The sustainable design brief will guide how we implement our Sustainability strategy across a number of design and construction considerations, including investment in energy efficiency initiatives and solar, where feasible, to achieve significant carbon reductions.