FY17 highlights

3 Stars

Green Star Performance Portfolio rating


Carbon intensity (Scope 1+2) reduced from FY16


Energy intensity reduced from FY16


Recycling rate


Low carbon smart assets

The objective of the low carbon smart assets pillar of our Sustainability strategy is to significantly reduce the long term carbon footprint of our asset portfolio by implementing innovative technologies that improve energy efficiency, increase our uptake of rooftop solar, and automate superior asset performance.

Vicinity has developed an integrated energy strategy, which includes an onsite solar roll out and a scaled up energy efficiency program, that will help us drive significant reductions in our carbon emissions.

Our practices across centre management, new developments, capital upgrades and investments are aligned to achieving this objective.

Sustainable operations

A key focus in our centre operations is to drive considerable efficiency across our energy, water and waste management practices, which all have a direct or indirect impact on our overall carbon and environmental footprint.   

To help us drive continuous improvement across our asset portfolio, we benchmark our performance using recognised national frameworks such as the Green Star Performance Rating tool and the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS).