Employee volunteering

Vicinity’s volunteering program provides the opportunity for our people to provide valuable assistance to those in need. 

Our skilled volunteering program is a key pillar of our partnership framework with Beacon Foundation, and connects our people with local high school students, often from schools located within disadvantaged areas, to provide students with industry insights and the opportunity to learn about different career possibilities.

The volunteering program is also linked to Vicinity’s learning and development framework, giving our people the opportunity to build mentoring and leadership skills to succeed in the workplace, while helping to tackle youth unemployment and disengagement in local communities.


Workplace giving

We developed a workplace giving program this year to make it easy for our people to donate to charitable causes that are important to them.

The program is delivered through an easy to use online platform, giving our people access to over 1,800 charities across Australia, with Vicinity matching each dollar donated to our corporate community partner Beacon Foundation.

The program also provides our corporate and centre offices an effective avenue through which to run fundraisers of their choice during the year, and offers an easy way for employees to contribute to campaigns when natural disasters hit the communities in which we operate.

Sustainability engagement

Since our Board approved Vicinity’s Sustainability strategy in mid-2016, our internal sustainability engagement score has increased by 22 percentage points this year.

Our volunteering and workplace giving programs, as well as the success we have had to date in implementing our strategy have contributed to this significant increase.  

While we have more work to do, we are proud of this achievement, as it demonstrates that our people are connecting with and supportive of the objectives of our sustainability agenda.