Employee volunteering

Vicinity’s volunteering program provides the opportunity for our people to offer valuable assistance to those in need.

We actively encourage our people to participate in skilled volunteering, a key initiative of our partnership with Beacon Foundation, and which connects employees with local high school students, often from schools located within disadvantaged areas, to provide students with industry insights and the opportunity to learn about different career possibilities.

In FY18, employee participation rates in our volunteering program increased by 123% from the previous year. Approximately 69 Vicinity employees participated in skilled volunteering during FY18, representing 6% of our workforce and resulting in more than 900 students from schools supported by the Beacon Foundation receiving mentoring and upskilling support via our program.

The volunteering program is also linked to Vicinity’s learning and development framework, giving our people the opportunity to build mentoring and leadership skills to succeed in the workplace, while helping to tackle youth unemployment and disengagement in local communities.

Approximately 90 Vicinity employees participated in skilled volunteering, representing 7% of our workforce and resulting in more than 500 students from schools supported by the Beacon receiving mentoring and upskilling via our program.

Work experience program

During FY18, we expanded our partnership with the Beacon Foundation and introduced a new work experience program. The new program provides a consistent framework through which to engage the short term placement of students from secondary schools participating in Beacon’s programs, as well as students from other schools, at Vicinity’s corporate offices or centres to learn more about our workplace and industry.

The program aims to provide students with a more engaging and memorable encounter with the workforce than traditional work experience programs, and is structured to respond to students interest areas as well as offering exposure to a wide range of roles and career paths.

Every work experience student is allocated a Vicinity employee mentor for the duration of their placement. The mentor shares their experiences and insights with the student and guides them through a structured program to provide a meaningful and enriching experience. Coaching and mentoring of young people through this program further enables our people to develop leadership skills and meet their learning and development goals.

The program additionally promotes interest in a property industry career more broadly, and aims to foster positive relationships between our centres and youth people in our communities.

Workplace giving

Vicinity has in place a workplace giving program to make it easy for our people to donate to charitable causes that are important to them.

The program is delivered through an easy to use online platform, giving our people access to over 1,800 charities across Australia.

Since the program was introduced we have seen a steady increase in its uptake, and at the end of FY18 made a change to the matched giving structure to encourage event greater participation rates.  Vicinity now matches donations made, dollar for dollar, to all charities supported by our people.

The program also provides our corporate and centre offices an effective avenue through which to run fundraisers of their choice during the year, and offers an easy way for employees to contribute to these campaigns.