Our Innovate RAP

During National Reconciliation Week 2019, we launched our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – our Innovate RAP - to further progress our reconciliation journey.

Our Innovate RAP represents the natural next step for Vicinity in increasing respect, equality and opportunity for Indigenous Australians following the conclusion of our inaugural Reflect RAP, which was launched in 2018 to commence our reconciliation journey.

Our Reflect RAP helped us to understand and identify how Vicinity could make a positive impact on reconciliation and extend our contribution towards a more equitable, just and reconciled Australia. It gave us a greater appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, customs and history, and provided insights on what we are doing well, what we need to do better and where we need to go further.

Our Innovate RAP continues to guide Vicinity on this journey and supports our sustainability and diversity and inclusion objectives – to shape better communities and foster an inclusive workplace that celebrates difference.  It commits Vicinity to continue deepening relationships, increasing cultural awareness and connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with employment and business opportunities across our organisation.


Launch of our Innovate RAP at Vicinity Centres' National Office

Case study: Bayside Flower Girl

'Flower Girl' mural at the Bayside Shopping Centre (VIC)

To demonstrate our acknowledgement of and respect for the Traditional Owners, the Bunurong people, Bayside Centre commissioned ‘Flower Girl’ on an external wall of the centre.

The mural celebrates the Bunurong people and Indigenous flora native to the local region. ‘Flower Girl’ aims to highlight the importance of creating a sense of place for Indigenous locals, making Vicinity centres more relevant to the regions in which we operate.

While the mural was months in the making, during National Reconciliation week 2019, Bunurong elder, Mick conducted a smoking ceremony to officially unveil the artwork.


Case study: Pilbara Girl

To support Aboriginal youth to gain life skills and confidence, Karratha City was again the gold sponsor of ‘Pilbara Girl’ during NAIDOC Week 2019, which inspires young Aboriginal women (from 16 to 25 years of age) to make positive life choices and avoid experiencing the devastation of substance abuse, domestic violence and suicide which can be prevalent in their communities.

The young Aboriginal women finished the program with a sense of purpose, belonging and armed with life skills to grow their confidence. In addition to the gold sponsorship, Karratha City and its tenants provided catering, merchandise, media and signage to support the event. The centre also provided the space for the program’s education sessions.