Our broader economic and community impacts

Many of our centres serve as prominent hubs in their local communities, generating significant economic and social benefits

In addition to directly employing local people to manage our centres, our portfolio generates a number of direct and indirect economic benefits for our local communities.

  • Our community investment program, focused on alleviating youth unemployment and disengagement, creates positive employment and economic development outcomes.
  • Procuring services from local and social enterprises and encouraging better labour standards from our suppliers grows local employment opportunities and helps disadvantaged segments of the community participate in the economy.
  • Small to medium local businesses set up around our centres serving our consumers and expanding the economic activity around our centres.
  • Large development projects span many years creating employment opportunities with contractors during construction and retailers post completion.
  • Our diverse retail offering provides broader societal and lifestyle benefits through access to gyms, cafes and restaurants, cinemas and health and wellbeing services.

Social Procurement

Social procurement is an important avenue through which Vicinity contributes to positive local employment outcomes and helps to shape better communities.

In FY17, over 30 per cent of our centres across Australia engaged social enterprises to deliver basic painting, landscaping, maintenance and cleaning services.