Our focus and achievements

Our centres are important hubs for many local communities across Australia, where people come together to shop, socialise and be entertained. Our purpose of Enriching Community Experiences acknowledges the role we play in shaping stronger and more prosperous communities.

We understand that our centres need strong communities in order to succeed. Our aim is to leverage our position as important community hubs to shape better communities, enhance local connections and deliver positive social outcomes. We do this by strategically supporting issues that impact both our centres and the local community. 

The ‘Community Significance’ pillar of our Sustainability strategy is focused around three key programs:

  • Community investment program to addresses youth disengagement and unemployment nationally and in our local communities;
  • Procurement through social enterprises to support employment opportunities for the disadvantaged within our supply chain; and
  • Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to create positive social and economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians. 

Through a range of community and business partnerships we are leveraging the unique position our centres hold locally, as well as Vicinity’s footprint nationally, to make a meaningful difference for communities across Australia.  Our targeted program allows us to remain focused on causes that make sense for our business, driving a long-term commitment and enabling us to have the greatest chance of creating significant positive impacts for Vicinity and our communities.


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Investing in our communities

Vicinity’s community investment program focuses on addressing an important social issue that impacts both our centres and local communities right across Australia – youth disengagement and unemployment.

We are currently in the third year of a three-year partnership with the Beacon Foundation to help deliver this program at a corporate and centre level.

Find out more about how our community investment program is being implemented on the ground, and our community contributions in FY19.


During National Reconciliation Week 2019, we launched our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) - our Innovate RAP - to further progress our contribution towards a more equitable, just and reconciled Australia.

Our Innovate RAP aims to increase respect, equality and opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses and communities.

We have committed to deepening relationships, increasing cultural awareness and connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with employment and business opportunities across our organisation.

Community engagement

We work hard to understand our communities' wants and needs, so that we can respond to ensure we offer an experience that is better, easier and more enjoyable.

Social procurement

With a portfolio of Vicinity’s scale and reach, we acknowledge our role as a large employer of service providers across Australia, generating significant economic activity through the operation of our centres.

Social procurement is an important avenue through which we leverage our unique position with our suppliers to help to shape better communities.

Sustainability engagement

We know that high internal engagement levels with Vicinity’s Sustainability agenda and programs is an important driver of overall employee engagement and can help make our people feel proud to work at a sustainable, purpose-led organisation.

In FY19, we increased employee engagement with our sustainability programs by another five percentage points from the previous year to 79 per cent, its highest point ever and  above our overall employee engagement level of 68 per cent.

Providing our people with genuine opportunities to get involved in our programs helped drive this result, which included a range of initiatives such as engaging employee volunteering offerings, running campaigns through our workplace giving program to encourage uptake and extensive participation in the delivery of our company-wide fundraising initiative for Beacon Foundation.