Sustainability reporting

We regularly report on our sustainability approach and performance to our stakeholders. 

Since 2017, Vicinity does not produce an annual stand-alone sustainability report as part of our move to Integrated Reporting. We report our sustainability performance and highlights in our Annual Integrated Report each year, with more detailed information contained here on our Sustainability website.

Click below to view Vicinity’s current and past reports and performance packs, our CDP and London Benchmarking Group reports and other related documents. 

Current year reports

Past year reports

Sustainability reporting criteria

The Sustainability Reporting Criteria sets out the principles, scope and methodologies applied when reporting Vicinity’s sustainability performance data.

CDP reports

Our CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) survey responses for the past eight years can be found below.

Responses prior to and including 2015 cover the former Novion Property Group. The 2016 and 2018 responses cover Vicinity Centres.

Business For Societal Impact reports

Our Business for Societal Impact Reports (previously London Benchmarking Group (LBG)) community investment reports for the past eight years can be found below.

Reports prior to and including 2014 cover the former Federation Centres. Reports from 2015 onwards cover Vicinity Centres.

Past case studies