Our partnerships

The scale of our operations means that we are in a unique position to influence and promote positive practices through our partnerships with major stakeholders.

We leverage the partnerships with our retailers, suppliers and industry groups to drive sustainability outcomes for communities that can’t be achieved on our own.

Partnering with retailers

At Vicinity, we understand that our success and the experience we create for our communities are deeply intertwined with our retailers’ success.

We want to be a valued partner for our retailers, understanding and delivering what’s most important to them and enabling them to be successful and sustainable at every touch point.

This year, we spent a lot of time improving our understanding of how we can support and deliver more value to our retailers, so that they can better connect with consumers and be more sustainable in their operations.

Working with our suppliers

We take a proactive approach to managing sustainability risks that are inherent in our supply chain. We also recognise that there are unique opportunities to shape better communities through our relationships with suppliers.

This year, 26 of our centres collectively spent over $300,000, procuring services from social enterprises, including YMCA ReBuild, Activ Group and House with No Steps.

Community partners

Vicinity's community investment program is focused on alleviating issues of youth unemployment and disengagement in our local communities. It forms a key part of our Sustainability strategy, and helps us shape stronger communities around our centres. 

Vicinity has established a three-year partnership with the Beacon Foundation to help us deliver this program at a corporate and centre level. 

We also have various local partnerships at the centre level that aim to address specific youth-related issues and their root causes within each catchment. 

Industry collaborations

Participating in collaborative industry stakeholder initiatives is an important way for us to learn, share knowledge, stay informed about latest industry trends and monitor emerging risks and opportunities for our business.