Partnering with our retailers

We want to be a valued partner for our retailers, understanding and delivering what’s most important to them and enabling them to be successful and sustainable at every touch point.

We understand that a key deliverable for Vicinity to our retailers is attracting more people to our destinations, which drives higher retail sales.

Our Group strategy focus of  creating market leading destinations requires that we build strong partnerships with our retailers and support them to succeed.

Vicinity’s size and scale enables us to offer our retailers a range of high quality shopping centre spaces. This, combined with our intensive asset management approach and innovative culture enables us to provide a high level of service to retailers to ensure they are well supported in their operations.

Our leasing, marketing, data and insights, and operations teams work together to engage with our retailers on an ongoing basis to understand their needs, address any issues that arise and support them in many ways.


How we support our retailers




Ensuring that retailer and consumer needs are met through our leasing strategy, and guide and consult to deliver engaging shop fit-outs


Use insights, digital and media assets to build better consumer experiences and drive footfall and dwell time to maximise retailer sales opportunities

Data and Insights

Share data and insights to improve consumer wayfinding and overall experience, and support sustainable operations


Provide building services, including security, cleaning, heating and cooling, waste management and information and communication services


During FY18, Vicinity continued to deploy a range of premium media assets across our portfolio including over 90 large format media screens, which are successfully being utilised by brands and retailers to connect with Vicinity’s valuable consumer audience.

We monitor retailer satisfaction through independent annual surveys and in-depth interviews, as well as through regular communication and knowledge sharing with our retailers throughout the year.  Retailer feedback and satisfaction outcomes are key inputs into each centre’s strategic asset plans, which are developed annually and reviewed quarterly, and inform our planning for future developments, reconfigurations, operations and marketing.

Retailer portal

As part of our broader intelligence platform, Vicinity has created a Retailer Portal, a secure online platform available 24x7 for Vicinity and our retailers to come together. It is intended to streamline communications and operations, reduce friction and allow both parties to focus on enhancing retail outcomes. It will also be a channel through which Vicinity can provide additional insights and valuable services to retailers in the future, aimed at further optimising retail outcomes.

The Retailer Portal was launched in May 2018 with sales performance and other reporting to a selection of major retail customers. Vicinity will continue to enhance the product with additional features and new customers being added over time.

Helping retailers be more sustainable

Our Sustainability strategy recognises the value in building strategic partnerships with our retailers to achieve shared sustainability goals beyond those achievable on our own.

We support our retailers to be more sustainable in their operations by sharing our knowledge and insights and also providing relevant services, information and tools to help them make better informed decisions.

We support our retailers through:

  • our retail design guidelines, which include minimum sustainability requirements and best practices in shop fit outs and refurbishments,
  • providing monthly energy data to retailers who purchase electricity through our embedded network to drive efficiency improvements,
  • an education and engagement programto help retailers improve their waste management and recycling practices, and
  • implementation of our community investment program, which aims to drive better retail performance via improved centre amenity and consumer experience, through alleviating youth-related issues which can sometimes play out at local shopping centres.