Our commitments


Long term objectives

Short-medium term objectives

Community significance


Measurable enhancement in the amenity and positive perception of our centres, as well as impact on youth unemployment through our community investment program focus on disengaged and unemployed youth

  • More than 85% of our centres to have community investment plans in place in FY18
  • Establish a company-wide work experience program in FY18
  • Deliver Beacon Fundraising Initiative in FY18

Measurable positive connection between the community and our centres through localised direct and indirect employment of disadvantaged community members

  • Achieve $1 million spend commitment on social enterprises in FY18
  • Implement a Reflect RAP for Vicinity in FY18
  • Implement an Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for Vicinity by FY20
  • Include disadvantaged youth in the recruitment process for entry level / appropriate roles in FY18 at Vicinity

Increased employee engagement through enabling direct participation in Vicinity’s sustainability program

  • Increase participation in employee volunteering in FY18 compared to FY17
  • Increase participation in workplace giving for regular contributions and support of one off appeals in FY18 compared to FY17
  • Improvement in sustainability score in the employee engagement survey in FY18 compared to FY17

Low carbon smart assets


We are currently investigating a long term low carbon target for Vicinity. 

  • Meet annual portfolio carbon reduction target of 3% (against FY17) in FY18
  • Obtain NABERS energy ratings for 80% of rateable portfolio (like-for-like) in FY18

Reduce indirect (scope 3) emissions through improved operational and construction practices (including building materials and embodied emissions) and provision of low carbon options to retailers

  • Obtain NABERS water ratings for 80% of portfolio (like-for-like) in FY18
  • Meet short term annual portfolio target of 40% recycling rate for operational waste in FY18
  • Measure and report on new scope 3 emissions such as air travel in FY18

Climate resilience


Measurable reduction of all extreme climate change risks at an asset level, and demonstrate increased resilience to support our retailers and local communities

  • 100% of ‘extreme’ rated centres assessed, including all developments, with the Climate Resilience Assessment Checklist