Focus on safety

We are committed to providing a harm-free environment for all of our stakeholders in line with our belief that everyone has the right to go home safely every day.

We are committed to providing a harm-free environment for all of our stakeholders in line with our belief that everyone has the right to go home safely every day.

Vicinity’s operations expose a wide variety of stakeholders - our team, contractors, retailers and consumers - to the potential risk of injury or illness. When they do occur, health and safety incidents can result in regulatory consequences, financial damages and negative publicity, potentially harming Vicinity’s reputation.

Vicinity’s health and safety team maintains our health and safety management system to support the provision of safe and healthy workplaces.   In early 2020, the Health and Safety team engaged across the business to deliver education sessions which reinforced key risk control processes detailed in the Vicinity Health and Safety Management System (H&SMS). Sessions were delivered to Management and Operational teams at each centre in the portfolio, building confidence and capability, whilst also reducing risk. An updated revision of Vicinity H&SMS was also launched, following a review process involving multiple stakeholders across the business and external subject matter experts. A new procedure was added to the H&SMS, providing guidance on ‘Safety in Design’ for our construction projects.

Vicinity maintains a crisis and emergency management system which provides the framework for response to any major incident or crisis occurring at one of our centres, development sites, or offices. This system is supported by a training and education program across our centres, including the use of desktop and simulated emergency management exercises.

Debriefs and post incident reviews are conducted after any significant incident or event in order to assess the effectiveness of the system and to identify and implement any opportunities for improvement.

Serious injuries within the Vicinity workforce are rare, with an average of three lost time injuries occurring annually. Such events are thoroughly investigated and the causes identified and addressed. Most importantly, we ensure the injured team members receive the best possible care, so they can get back to work as soon as they are able.

With these extremely low numbers in mind, Vicinity has decided to no longer externally publish incident frequency rates in our annual sustainability reporting. The frequency rates are so low that a single event can have a material impact on the rate without providing the reader any context. Frequency rates offer no insight into the nature of an incident, the true injury severity, or the actions taken to address the causes.

To view our previous years’ performance, refer to our FY20 Performance Pack.

Safety during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vicinity quickly adapted to a new operating environment, where restrictions of movement, limitations on gatherings, and increased hygiene and sanitation became the new normal. Vicinity’s focus throughout has been maintaining the health and safety of team members, our contractors, retailers, and customers. Working closely with our cleaning and security contractors across the country, Vicinity has seen minimal disruption to operations from confirmed COVID-19 cases. A strong focus on helping customers maintain appropriate social distancing along with frequent touch-point sanitisation has given customers, team members and retailers a higher sense of confidence that they can move around and shop safely within our assets.