Our achievements and approach

At Vicinity we are proud to put our people first.  We recognise that leveraging the diversity of our people will give us a source of unique competitive advantage and drive our performance.

We want our people to enjoy working in a dynamic business which offers rewarding careers, opportunities for learning and development, and assists them to grow and succeed both professionally and personally. Vicinity’s values enforce the behaviours we believe create a great place to work and provide high quality outcomes for our business and all of our stakeholders.

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Talent and capability

During FY20 we have continued our focus on the development of our people, with a new emphasis on unlocking people potential to drive a high-performance culture at Vicinity.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is an important focus for our business and is at the heart of our company value – ‘we embrace difference’.

We believe in the strength of a diverse workforce where the unique backgrounds, perspectives and  experience of all our people help us drive performance.​


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Health and wellbeing

We maintained our strong focus on health and wellbeing in FY20. Our established programs continued to be very well utilised, particularly during the latter half of FY20 as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on our people. We are committed to supporting our team members to achieve better work-life balance outcomes and lead happy and healthy lives.