Focus on safety

We are committed to providing an injury-free environment for all of our stakeholders in line with our belief that everyone has the right to go home safe and healthy.

Vicinity’s operations expose our team, contractors, retailers and consumers, to the risk of injury or illness. In addition, a health and safety incident could affect, Vicinity’s reputation, subject it to claims, for financial compensation or have regulatory consequences.

At Vicinity, we believe everyone has the right to go home safe and healthy. This belief forms the framework to the way we do business. This year, we developed a health and safety strategy which outlines a roadmap for the development of health and safety capabilities across Vicinity. It also outlines our mission of providing safe and healthy environments for our communities.

Vicinity has a dedicated health and safety team that maintains our health and safety management system to support the provision of a safe and healthy environment. This system includes an induction and education program, health and safety management system (H&SMS) self-assessments and centre audits, the use of competent contractors, regular reviews of procedures and stringent health and safety assessments prior to appointing principal contractors for development and asset refurbishment works.

Essential to our health and safety goals is having effective leadership at all levels throughout the organisation. We expect our people leaders to champion good health and safety practices in the workplace and actively engage with their team members. 

Crisis and emergency management

Vicinity maintains a crisis and emergency management system which provides the framework for Vicinity to respond to a major incident or crisis occurring at one of its centres, development sites, or offices. This system is supported by a training and education program across our centres, including the use of desktop and simulated emergency management exercises.

Debriefs and post incident reviews are conducted after any significant incident or event, in order to assess the effectiveness of the system and to identify and implement any opportunities for improvement.

Note regarding our injury rates: Vicinity has extremely low injury rates within our workforce, which has made it difficult to identify further meaningful improvement opportunities. Given these low injury rates, Vicinity has determined that we will no longer report injury performance indicators in our annual sustainability reporting, but will resume reporting if there is a material increase, and will continue to monitor our performance internally to ensure the effectiveness of our safety practices is maintained. We believe this is testimony to good safety practices embraced within Vicinity, and we will continue to focus on maintaining a strong safety culture across our business. To view our previous years’ performance, refer to our FY18 Performance Pack, accessible here.