Developing talent and capability

In order to successfully deliver our Group level strategy and navigate future business challenges, we must invest in the talent, capabilities and creativity of our people.

Investing in the skills and capabilities of our people is an important part of providing engaging and meaningful careers at Vicinity.

We strive to create an environment where ‘work is learning and learning is work’. Our 70-20-10 learning model promotes a mix of formal and informal learning through practice, people and programs.

Personal development plans are established annually and are built collaboratively by employees and people leaders.  All permanent employees have such plans in place, which identify their career development goals and document a proposed plan of learning opportunities to help them achieve their objectives.  Regular check-ins between employees and people leaders occur during the year to ensure our people are on track to achieve the objectives documented in their development plans.

Our permanent employees receive formal performance reviews twice a year, which informs their reward payments and performance objectives for the year ahead. Employee performance is evaluated against key activities and projects required to be delivered, as well as employee behaviour in line with Vicinity’s values.


of permanent employees received a performance review in FY18

Learning and development through Discovery

During FY18, Discovery, our new learning and development program, was launched to encourage our people to adopt a growth mindset and develop their skills and capabilities.

Discovery offers a wide range of learning opportunities for our people to support both professional and personal development, and includes face-to-face learning, online learning resources, a mentoring program, and skilled volunteering.

A number of face to face learning courses delivered to our people during FY18 included our Everyday Leader program, Everyday Leader and Beyond program, VIP Induction Program, personal development planning, emotional intelligence, strengths-based development, agile methodology, mental health and unconscious bias training.

Our Discovery offering was expanded during the year to include a new mentoring program, in which 16% of our people have participated since its launch in early FY18.  The program provides various options through which our employees can participate, including short-term ad hoc mentoring, self-nominated mentoring involving a program where formal mentor and mentee relationships are established, and access to grab and go mentoring resources. Vicinity’s work experience program for secondary school students also forms part of this program and offers our people the opportunity to mentor and expose participants to a range of roles in our business, and help connect interest areas with real life jobs.

Discovery also includes an online portal which provides access to a library of resources to help our people develop the skills and capabilities required to deliver Vicinity’s Group strategy


percentage point increase in satisfaction with learning and development in this year’s engagement survey


Average hours of internal training per employee in FY18


as well as build their career and personal development goals. The portal includes access to leading learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and GetAbstract.

Our permanent employees are also eligible for study leave to enrol in external programs that support their development plans and improve their overall contribution to the company and its strategic direction.

See FY18 Performance Pack (downloadable through here) for more information on employee training provided.

Building future leaders

Leadership has been a key focus for Vicinity for a number of years.

Twice a year we hold senior leader forums – a two-day conference where our senior leaders come together and strategise for the future of our business. We have also introduced monthly meetings for senior leaders in order to encourage collaboration and provide regular updates on key business activities. 

More than 350 of our people leaders have participated in our Everyday Leader program over the past two years – a program which aims to provide leaders with the skills and insights to lead with passion and purpose. After its initial success, we extended this program offering to include an Everyday Leader Beyond program, focused on further coaching our leaders to lead through our values.

The Everyday Leader program received a highly commended award from The Australian Institute of Training and Development for the best implementation of a blended learning solution and our online ‘learning bytes’ received a gold award at the LearnX Summit and Awards for the ‘Best Bitesize Learning Solution’.


We also continued to deliver an extensive graduate development program this year, which focused on accelerated and tailored learning opportunities, and asset tours, additional mentoring to upskill our graduates, and we successfully placed all of our graduates in FY18 to permanent roles within Vicinity.

How we measure our success

In FY18, we commenced a detailed analysis of our learning offerings to understand the extent to which our people engage with various learning programs provided by Vicinity and the impact they’ve had on employee engagement. The results of this analysis is being shared with leadership teams across the business to identify how they can further enhance both the business and employee development needs moving forward.

We also monitor the effectiveness of our learning initiatives through training evaluations, the annual employee engagement survey, and direct employee feedback, which help us continually shape our future learning and development activities.